Human Barbarian Tank


Human Barbarian Level 3
36 HP 19AC
945 XPBarbarian_by_clefchansm.jpg
19 Str +4
16 Dex +3
18 Con +4
11 Int +0
14 Wis +2
15 Cha +2


  • Athletics +6
  • Animal Handling +4
  • Perception +4
    *Intimidation +4


  • Handaxe x2 1d6+4 slashing
  • Javelin x5 1d6+4 piercing
  • Morningstar (Louie) 2d8+4 Piercing flail.jpg


3 Rages / day

  • Becomes resistant to all damage except psychic.
  • Gains advantage on all strength based checks
  • +2 to all damage dealt

Lobo-Oso is a veteran soldier with many years service. He is well known within the ranks of his homeland’s army, and still has influence there. He prefers to not wear armor, instead choosing just his shield and necklace of bear teeth to protect him. He channels the spirit of the bear to enter into rage.
Oso can fluently speak and read the Goblin language as well as Common.
There is no beating around the bush with Oso; he prefers to hit problems head on. He will gladly lay down his life in the defense of others, and he fights for those that cannot fight for themselves. Oso will obey the law down to the letter, even if it causes misery for himself or others.


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