Lost Mines of Phandelver

Into the Depths


The party decides to forgo searching the upper levels ( the real truth is that Wizard of the Coast didn’t provide any info for the remaining manor and we decided to forgo a exhausting and boring search ) and follow the footprints to the door.

Down the stairs they go and end up in a room with a large cistern at the other end, being fed from pipes in the ceiling. A quick search of the cistern by Lobo-Oso revealed nothing, but a more exhaustive and somewhat magical search by Leucis revealed more. A waterproof pouch was found hanging a few feet below the water ( 2 potions and 50gp
). The only visible exit to the room was to a smaller storage room that doubled as sleeping quarters for 3 of the lower ranking redbrands.

Two are quickly dispatched and third is given temporary mercy in exchange for information ( Glassstaff and the other Redbrands are somewhere to the west ( yes west )) and revealing a secret door – and then he is murdered by the evil Rogue. the party loots the bodies and puts on their red bandannas.

The secret door leads to a hallway headed west to two double-doors covered with aged copper. Adrenaline pumping from the recent execution of the lone redbrand, the rogue missing the signs of a trap door and falls 20’ down into a pit.

The other member of the party attempt to scoot around the edges but not everyone is successful and the warlock and cleric take damage.

Nearly cripped and in intense pain, the rogue manages to get it right when it comes to checking for noise and traps behind the copper doors and they open without an issue. Inside a 3 skeletons, propped up against their sarcophagi. As each person enters the room, their lifeless eyes turn to face the party before slowly rotating back to their original position.

There are two other exits to the room, one of which seems to be promising as sounds of pain and misery are coming from the other side.




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